Golden Nag Champa Incense Sticks

What is more divine the physical establishment or the ambience? It is obviously the ambience because spirituality is a feelings not a stone. But how is an ambience generated? It is quite simple. Any process that frees and energizes one or more senses is capable of creating an ambience. The magnificent aromatic smokes of an incense sticks sets the perfect ambience for a worshipping ritual. The ambience is even more heavenly if the smoke arises from the burning tips of the golden nag champa incense sticks. These are one of the best fragranced and most popular variety of incense sticks from the makers, Vijayashree Fragrance. The aggarbattis come in a bunch of fifteen long sticks, packed in a box containing a dozen of such bunches. The carton pack is quite economical for affluent usage. Fragrance Palace has a good stock of these Golden Nag Champa aggarbattis and we are giving out special offers, till stock lasts.